racial and gender inequalities


Essay Rubric: Your essay will be graded based on the rubric below. Use this rubric as a guide when writing your essay and check it again before you submit your essay.





Somewhat addressed the topic and plan for the essay, but the instructor could not completely determine the purpose or focus of it. Somewhat discussed the importance of applying a sociological perspective to the topic being analyzed (15pts)


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1- Introduction (20pts)

Stated the topic and plan for the essay clearly and strongly, so that the instructor was not confused about the purpose or focus of it.

Briefly discussed the importance of applying a sociological perspective to the topic being analyzed. (20pts)

Did not state the topic and plan for the essay. No mention of the importance of using a sociological perspective is made (8pts).

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Addressed all elements

Addressed some of the elements

Failed to address all the

page1image1248751760 page1image1248752176 page1image1248752464 page1image1248752752 page1image1248753040 page1image1248753328 page1image1248753616 page1image1248753904page1image1248754480

Sociological Analysis (40pts)

contained within the stated objective(s) of the assignment and extended beyond by integrating sociological information from the textbook or other sociology sources. Argument supported by sociological theory (40pts)

within the stated objective(s) of the assignment but did not integrate sociological information. The essay was mostly based on opinion, or non-academic sources. Sociological theory used but did not support the argument (30pts)

elements contained within the stated objective(s) of the assignment and had limited to no sociological information. No use of a sociological theory (15pts)

page1image1248826128 page1image1248826416 page1image1248826704 page1image1248826992

3- Conclusion (15pts)

Restated the topic and stressed the importance of using a sociological perspective to better understand social issues (15pts

Did not restate the topic nor stress the importance of using a sociological perspective to better understand social issues. (10pts)

Did not have a conclusion. (0)

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4-Evidence based argument (15pts)

Used facts and evidence to support the argument made, rather than just the author’s thoughts and opinions. (15pts).

Well-organized, logically

Somewhat used facts and evidence to support argument made. (10pts)

Based mostly on opinion without clear facts and/or evidence to support the argument made. (5pts)

page1image1306596688 page1image1306596976 page1image1306597264 page1image1306598128 page1image1306598416 page1image1306598992 page1image1306599280 page1image1306599568page1image1306599856


Well-organized, but “flow” could

Paper was disorganized lacking clarity and logical consistency. Arguments were difficult or impossible to follow, and formatting rules were mostly ignored.

Lacks basic proofreading and contains major errors with grammar, spelling, or punctuation. (4pts)

page1image1306634880 page1image1306635168 page1image1306635744 page1image1306636032 page1image1306636608 page1image1306636896

Organization & Mechanics (10pts)

consistent, and easy to read and understand. The paper was double-spaced, in 12- point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, and 3 pages minimum in length. Also, a works cited page and in-text citations were included when necessary in APA style.

No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. (10pts)

be improved. This meant the transitions between paragraphs and within independent ones were not logically consistent and concise. Also, paper was missing some combination of the remaining specifications.
There were minor errors with grammar, spelling, or punctuation. (8pts)

  • the roles of both individuals and society/social structure in causing and perpetuating the problem;
  • how to bring about change both at individual level and structural/social level in order to lessen the problem;
  • the importance of using sociological theories to better understand the problem.


    It will be graded based on content, length, grammar, and adherence to the specified guidelines (see the “Essay Rubric”). I expect students to write ethically. Any information drawn from works published by others must be appropriately cited within the body of your work, and then referenced as part of a bibliography page in APA style (see item #4 below). Late essays will not be accepted.


    The essay should be a minimum 3 complete pages in length (and no longer than 4). The 3 to 4 pages do not include the cover page and the reference page.
    The essay must be typed (Times New Roman, 12pts font), double-spaced.
    You need a minimum of three (3) references (one of them must be the textbook).
    Be sure that your essay complies with APA standards of writing. The basics APA requirements that I am looking for are the following:

    a) Acoverpagewiththetitleofyouressay;your name,course title,and date(an abstract page is not needed).

    1. b)  Running title (the title of the essay must be on each page/header).
    2. c)  Page number (on each page);
    3. d)  Referenceswithinthetext;(appropriatein-text citations are. required for quotations,

      paraphrased material and specific references). If you quote or use more than 6 words

      of someone’s work and do not cite the source for the information, it is plagiarism).

    4. e)  Reference Page or Works Cited Page (at the end of the essay).
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1- Introduce your topic and discuss the reason(s) why you are writing about that specific social problem.  You should also discuss the reason why it is important to do a sociological analysis of the problem (meaning the reason why it’s important to use one or more sociological perspectives to support/illustrate your argument.  And of course, you need to mention which sociological perspective(s) you will be using.


2- Discuss the following:

  • how individuals/people contribute to the problem (through their actions, behavior, decisions etc…).  Use one or more sociological perspectives to support your argument.  For example,  if your topic is about divorce, you could use the functionalist perspective or conflict perspective, or both to support your argument on why some people are more likely to get a divorce.  Use data/numbers to support your argument when needed.
  • how society’s institutions (media, military, economy, government, family etc…) contribute and perpetuate the problem.  Choose the institution or institutions that apply to the problem being discussed in your essay.  Also, use one or more sociological perspectives to support your argument on how/why the institution(s) contribute the problem.  Use data/numbers to support your argument when needed.
  • what could be done and/or has been done to deal with the problem.  What could be or has been done both at individuals and societal levels in the forms of laws, policies, programs etc… that have been or could be implemented.

3- Your conclusion should restate the importance of doing a sociological analysis of the problem.  You should also discuss whether or not you have a better understanding of the problem by looking at it through the lens of a sociological perspective.

NOTE:  Remember that sociological perspectives are explanations/views about society and the people living within it.  Therefore,  they do not influence our choices, decisions, behavior etc… they simply explain and help to better understand these choices, decisions etc….  With that better understanding comes possible solutions to these problems.  For example looking at crime through the functionalist perspective whether it is strain theory or subcultural theories, you have a better understanding of why some groups people engage in criminal activities (as opposed to simply making assumptions).

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