Article Analysis Discussion Forum – Due 21 July 21


This discussion forum helps you prepare for the Final Exam by analyzing an article from GMC online library to refresh yourselves on course concepts from weeks 1-8 that may reappear on your exam. This forum is not meant as a definitive study aid; you should still review the weekly readings and previous forums as necessary prior to taking the exam.


Read the following article:,shib&db=a9h&AN=130397425&site=ehost-live&custid=gamc

Discuss at least one (and preferably more) of these elements as they apply to the author’s argument:

1) What is the thesis statement for this article?
2) Is the argument making a claim of fact, value, or policy?
3) Are there any logical fallacies present? If so, what type, and where does it occur?
4) Does the author offer compelling opposing viewpoints? Does he refute them?
5) Can you provide a correctly-formatted example of a quote and/or paraphrase pulled from the article?
6) What would be the works cited entry for this article?

Remember, be understanding and open-minded: some of your peers will disagree with your argument and vice versa- 1) that’s okay; and 2) the instructions in this forum REQUIRE you to disagree (politely, of course)!

Task 1: Initial Post

1) Create a new discussion topic on or before the required date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post.
2) Clearly state which element(s) from above you have chosen.
3) Develop a substantive and meaningful main thread.
4) Your initial thread must be at least three paragraphs in length (200+ words) and provide textual evidence.