Real Estate broker exam

1.A lender may add 1/12th of the estimated cost of the annual property taxes and hazard insurance on the mortgaged property to the monthly loan payment deposit in:

a) a PMI account

b) a margin account

c) an impound, escrow, or reserve account

d) an adjustment account

2.In a mortgage/ trust deed form loan, the terms of payment and interest rate would be found on the

A. Trust deed mortgage

B. Deed

C. Loan application

D. Promissory note

3.A potential buyer signs a contract with a seller but then decides not to buy. The seller may sue the potential buyer for specific performance or damages UNLESS the contract was a.

A. a bilateral contract.

B. an instaliment contract.

C. aland contract.

D. an option.

4.A recently widowed farm owner has called a broker to list a one-acre building site in order to raise the money to pay the property taxes. How should the broker proceed?

A: Pace off the land, put markers on the corners, and advertise the building site for sale

B: Draw up the legal description of the property, list it, and begin the marketing campaign

C: Refuse the assignment, as one cannot divide and sell a portion of one’s land without selling all of it

D: Contact the municipality to determine if this is possible, and then have a surveyor prepare the description

5.A feature of joint tenancy with a survivorship is that

It provides for the disposition of personal possessions

A corporation can be a joint tenant

The surviving joint tenant(s) acquire the property free and clear of any liens against the deceased

It eliminates probate

6.In general, option contracts

A. Are not binding on the seller

B. Are binding on the buyer

C. Are for very short terms

D. Must be in writing

7.A house has been appraised at $85,000. A buyer offers and a seller accepts the appraised value for the house. Under which of the following loan programs would the buyer, if qualified, be most likely to obtain a 100% loan?

A.VA-guaranteed loan

B.FHA-insured loan

C.Conventional loan insured by private mortgage insurance

D. Conventional uninsured loan

8. In a jurisdiction where the common law of agency governs real estate activities, a broker has a single agency relationship with his buyer. They pass a “For Sale By Owner” property that the buyers is interest in viewing. The broker secures a commission agreement with the seller as his customer. The seller tells the broker that he needs to sell the house quickly and will accept less for a quick closing. The agent must tell the buyer

A.Nothing about this because the seller is paying the commission

B.About this information because the buyer is his principal

C.To make an offer with a quick closing date to protect both parties

D.To make a low offer to give the buyer a little advantage

9.Which of the following is true about competitive market analysis?

A.It is employed for insurance purposes

B.It is used to establish depreciable value

C.It is usually based on local tax assessment

D.It is useful to the buyer as well as to the seller

10.which of the following defines a material fact in the real estate context?

A. a property that must be recorded at the time of the sale

B. A representation made on a licensee’s marketing sheet that has been verified by the license

C. A fact significant enough to influence an individual’s decision about whether or not to purchase

D. A latent defect deficiency of a property that may be disclosed to a prospective buyer only if an offer is made

11.a purchase money note need not contain? Loan to value ratio

12.A real estate licensee is a partial owner of a local title company. It is permissible for the licensee to tell all of his clients to use this company when

A: It is in the best interest of the client

B: The licensee does not know any of the title companies in the area

C: The client does not ask for other recommendations

D: The licensee discloses his interest in the company to the client

13.Which of the following analyses must be prepared by a certified appraiser?

a. a competitive market analysis for a buyer or seller

b. a price opinion for a lender involved with a short sale transaction

c. an analysis to determine a projects estimated market capture and capitalization rate

d. a property valuation report supporting a federally-related loan application

14. a buyer purchased a home using a VA loan. an appraiser was assigned to estimate the value of the property for the lender. The appraised value was determined to be less than the contract price. If the buyer really wants the property, which of the following choices is the buyer’s best option?

A.Hire an appraiser and see if a second appraisal yields a higher appraised value

B. Make up the difference between the contract price and appraised value in cash

C. Seek an FHA lender who automatically make up the difference between the contract price and the appraised value

D.Do nothing because the seller must sell the property at the appraised value.

15.Which of the following is applicable to housing for persons with disabilities?

A.Guide dogs may be prohibited in a 6-unit building with a no-pets restriction

B.Owners are responsible for modifications required by tenants

C.Protection under the ADA applies to physical limitations, not mental limitations

D.Newly constructed residential structures of 4 units or more must have wheelchair access to ground floor units.

16.which of the following types of deeds provides the purchaser of real estate the greatest protection? General warranty deed

17.A lender places a property for auction at a foreclosure sale. A number of bids are offered at the sale but none of the bids are satisfactory, so the lender decides to keep the property in inventory. This property becomes

A: Real estate owned (REO)

B: A judicial foreclosure

C: A strict foreclosure

D: Excess property

19.a person acquires an option to purchase a parcel of another’s person’s land. Which of the following statements is correct?

A.The terms and conditions of the sale must be stated if the option is a valid contract

B.The option is a promise by the optionee to enter into a contract in the future

C.THe consideration for the option right, plus interest, will be automatically applied to the purchaser price if the option is exercised.

D.The potential buyer is the optionor and the seller is the optionee

20.negative amortization is

A.Insurance coverage on real estate that compensates the owner for physical damage to a property from fire, wind or other hazard

B.The number of basis points a lender adds to an index to determine the interest rate of an adjustable-rate to mortgage

C.The result of every interest only mortgage loan

D.An increase in mortgage debt that occurs when the monthly payments is not a large enough to cover interest due

21.Which of the following behavior demonstrates the loyalty a broker owes to the seller who is his client?

A.A broker tells the buyers the seller’s exact time frame for the move to expedite the contract

B.A broker does not tell the buyer’s about the leaky roof per the seller

C.A broker tells the buyer that the children of the seller are transferring to a school town.

D.A broker does not tell the buyers about the seller’s pending relocation per seller

22..A home is being purchased for $275,000. The buyer agrees to an 80% loan with the seller paying $5,000 of the buyer’s closing costs. What amount will the buyer have to meet his down payment:

A) 45,000

B) 50,000

C) 55,000

D) 60,000

23.For the borrower, the major ADVANTAGE of Private Mortgage insurance (PMI) for a home mortgage loan is that

A. the premium is typically paid by the seller.

B. A smaller down payment is required

C. the entire amount of the loan is insured.

D. the loan is paid in full if the borrower dies.

24..A major difference between freehold and non-freehold estates is that all non freehold estates

terminate upon the death of the person on whose life they are based

are estates for a fixed term

have an ownership interest

are estate of inheritance

25.A broker has listed a property for $225,000. An offer of $210,000 contingent upon inspection comes in the first week and the seller accepts it. Another offer of $205,000 comes in the second week. The seller accepts it as a secondary offer contingent upon the termination of the first offer. The first offeror demands the seller spends $5,000 in repairs before going through with the purchase. The seller may do all of the following EXCEPT

A.Agree to do the needed repairs and consummate the transaction with the first offeror

B.Ignore the demand and sell the property to the second offeror

C.Terminate the first agreement in writing and sell to the second offeror

D.Refuse to do the repairs and still proceed with the sale in as is condition

26. If a sales associate is an independent contractorA. The IRS can require the with holding of income tax

B. A sponsoring broker

 has no right to supervise a sales associate

C. A sponsoring broker has no responsibility for the sales associate

D. The sales staff is exempt from withholding if complient with IRS regulations

27. which of the following analysis MUST be prepared by a certified appraiser?

a) a comparative market analysis (CMA) for a buyer and broker

b) a price opinion for a lender involved with a short sale transaction

c) an analysis to determine a projects estimated market capture and capitalization rate

d) a property valuation report supporting a federally-related loan applicatiom

28.which of the following is credited to the buyer of a property at a closing illinois

Sale price

Unused seller’s insurance premium

Earnest money

Property taxes paid in advance

29. The property a licensee has just listed is walking distance from a public beach. The agent has decided to describe it in a multiple listing service as “waterfront property”.What issues, if any, should the agent consider before doing this?

A. it is perfectly fine so long as the agent specifies the details in the remarks section

B. this would be the best way to list the property as it would get the most attention from buyers

C. the agent should ask the seller’s permission before electing to describe it as a waterfront property

D. to describe the property as waterfront could violate truth in advertising laws and could constitute fraud

30. which of the following is a radioactive odorless gas which may require mitigation?

A.Carbon monoxide

B. Formaldehyde

C. Asbestos

D. Radon

31. Under an option to buy, the ownership of land will change when the

  1. Optionor does not fulfill the obligation

  2. Specified time has expired

  3. Option is signed by the parties

  4. Optionee exercises the option

32.The main purpose of antitrust laws is to

A: Ensure a minimum price for goods

B: Control the number of competitors

C: Maintain and preserve business competition

D: Ensure that consumers do not pay any more than maximum allowable prices

33.Which of the following will Not be considered relevant if HUD investigates a prospective home buyer’s allegation of discriminatory treatment by a licensee in a brokerage office?

A.Records of the houses shown and properties suggested to the prospective buyer

B.Whether or not the HUD Equal Housing Opportunity post is displayed in the office

C.Whether the licensee believed she was acting in the best interests of the prospective buyer

D.The reports of undercover testers who visited the office

34. A private integrated club refused to rent one of its condos to a minority family. The club explained that it did not rent the condos to the public since the condos were for members only is the club in violation of the federal fair housing act, and if so, how?

A.yes, because when race is involved, no exceptions to the federal fair Housing Act exist

B.yes, because the club had minority members, and therefore were not eligible for exemption from the federal fair Housing Act, because as an integrated club, they could discriminate on the basis of race in renting facilities, because a private club may restrict the rental of its own lodging to its members as long as the lodgings are not operated commercially

35. A broker has a single agency relationship with the seller. Any REQUIRED property condition disclosure would be completed by the:

a) seller

b) broker

c) agent on behalf of broker

d) agent on behalf of seller

36. A seller places his places on the market for sale at a certain price. A buyer sees the property and makes a written offer to purchase that is 90% of the asking price. The seller rejects that offer, but states that he will accept an offer of 95% of the original asking price. The buyer rejected that counteroffer. The original offer is


B. Null and void


D. Binding

37. Which type of easement creates an servient estate, but not a dominant one?

A. Easement by reservation


C.Easement in gross

D.Easement appurtenant

38. A licensee is aware of a religious group organizing a commune in an area. In an effort to get listings, the licensee tells owners in the neighborhood about the commune. Which of the following terms best describes  the licensee’s activities?



C. Blockbusting

D. Redlining

39. What is a meeting required to establish mutual assent?

A,Meeting of the minds

B.Rejection of an offer

C.Offer and counteroffer

D.An offer that meets the listing price

40.A property sold for $150,000. The loan to value ratio was 80% and was two discount points charged. Which of the following was a cost of the discount points

a. $600

b. $1500

c. $2400

d. $3000

41. if a home warranty program is to be offered on a listing, the licensee should?

A.find a private insurer who will administer the warranty

B. Suggest the seller wait for a prospective buyer to ask for it

C.Provide a list of contractors who can make the necessary repairs

D.Specify who will pay the one-time insurance premium

42.An owner who lives out of state contacts a licensee who is in the state where the owner’s property is located. The owner hires the licensee to sell the property for $150,000. The licensee realizes that the land is in an area that has recently been rezoned for a higher use. He tells the owner he will purchase the property himself. He does so, and, 3 weeks later, sells the same property for $175,000. Which of the following statements about this situation is correct?

A.The licensee cannot legally act as an agent for an owner who lives out of state without either an active license from that state or the help of a cooperating out-of-state licensee

B.Since the property sold at a profit within 6 months after the purchase, the licensee must inform the owner of his selling price

C.The licensee can legally purchase the property only after informing the owner of the zoning change and how it will affect the property.

D..As long as the licensee has informed the owner of his intentions to purchase the property himself, his actions are proper and legal

43. Home Warranty program is to be offered on a listing, the licensee should?

A.Find a private insurer who will administer the warranty

B. Suggest the seller wait for a prospective buyer to ask for it

C. Provide a list of contractors who can make the necessary repairs

D. Specify who will pay the one-time insurance premium

44.amortized or a balloon payment loan is that?

A.the loan can be extended at prevailing interest rates,

B..monthly payments are relatively small, the end of the term no interest or principal is due,

D.the portion applied to the payment of interest increases over time

45. A listing has expired with one firm. A licensee from another frim wants to contact the owners to list the property. The licensee may call the owners only if the

A.Owners are not listed on the Do-Not-Call list

B.Licensee showed the property while it was listed with the other firm.

C.Property was listed with another firm in the multiple listing service in the last 180 days.

D.Licensee gets written approval from his responsible broker

46. Evergreen bushes and apple trees on a property that were planted by the current owner are examples of?

A. real estate,

B.personal property, fixture,


47. If there is a cloud on the title to a property, the best means of eliminating it is

A.A suit to quiet title

B.A quiet transfer of the property

C.Waiting 7 years for the issue to expire

D.Transferring the property with general warranty deed

48. A buyer is interested in buying a home in an older neighborhood where new sidewalks have just been installed. The buyer contacts his own real own estate broker and signs a buyer agency agreement. His agent shows him the property, which is listed with a different company. The only taxes mentioned in the MLS information are the general real estate taxes. When asked, the seller says she knows of no other taxes against the property. The buyer’s agent should

A.Heck with the state to see if there is a special assessment pending

B.Say nothing to the buyer because it is not discussed in the listing information

C.Take the seller’s word that there are only general real estate taxes on the property.

D.Advise the buyer that there may be special assessments levied against the property.

49.In a jurisdiction where the common law of agency governs real estate activities, a buyer has a single agency with a broker. The buyer wants to purchase one of the brokerage company’s listings from a seller with whom the broker also currently has a single agency relationship. This will create dual agency but in order for this relationship to be legal, it will be necessary to have written consent of the



C.Buyer and seller

D.Seller, buyer and broker

50.Seller A entered into an option contract with Buyer B. The contract allowed for a price of $200,000 which Seller A honor for a 12 month period exclusively for Buyer B. This would be an example of a

A.“-unilatleral contract in which only seller a has made a promise

B.-unilateral contract in which only buyer b has made a promise

C.-bilateral contact which both parties obliged to perform with a period of time

D.-void contract

52.A broker is helping a listing client to determine an asking price for her property. The subject property has only one bath but it does have a fireplace. The house next door, which sold for $180,000, has one and a half baths and no fireplace. A house across the street, which was sold recently for $175,000, has only one bath and no fireplace. The properties have attached one-car garages. Experiences in that area sets the value of an attached garage at $18,000, of an extra half-bath at $5,000, and of a fireplace at $3,000. What is the indicated value of the subject property?





53. Marry purchases a residential lot for 87,500. he makes two deposits of 1000 each on the contract and the balance of down payment closing at 6,750  She receives a 90% loan with a 3% origination fee. how much money will harry need to pay for the origination fee rounded down to the nearest dollar





54. A client is considering listing an industrially zoned 10-acre site. It has been vacant for several years and was formerly used as an automobile junkyard. What would you recommend the seller consider obtaining prior to putting the property on the market?

A: A radon measurement analysis

B: An environmental site assessment

C: An electromagnetic field determination

D: An air quality report from the Environmental Protection Agency

55. An offer was presented but the seller did not accept the offer, instead he suggested different terms that would be more acceptable. Which of the following is FALSE?

A.This is a rejection of the original offer

B.This is a counter offer on the original offer

C.This is a negotiation that keeps the original offer alive

D.This kills the original offer, which can no longer be accepted

56.Which disclosure is the most commonly requires in a residential real estate sale?

A.Sellers property disclosure


C.Lead based paint

D.Neighborhood composition

57. A lessesse sublets her apartment to her brother with the approval of the lessor. Which of the following is true if the brother defaults on the leassesse.

  1. Because the lessor approved the sublet, neither the lesses nor her brother are liable

  2. The lesses has no liability to the lessor

  3. The lesses remains liable the lessor

  4. Because the lessor approved the sublet, both the lesses and her brother are liable.

58. when may a broker legallly refuse to accept a listing

A.Only if the owners instruction are illegal

B.Only if the seller cannot give clear tittle to the property

C.Any time, for any legimate reason

D.Never, all owners are entitled to professional representation in the sale of their property

59. The seller has required that the buyer must use his title insurance company. The seller has been told that if the buyer uses the title company, they will pay part of his real estate commissions, increasing his net proceeds from the sale, Is this a legally permissible agreement?

A. This is illegal according to RESPA

B. This illegal according to Regulation Z

C. This is permissible if the buyer was receiving a VA loan

D. This is permissible if no fee is paid directly to the seller

60. A seller talks with three different agents to establish probable selling price for a home. The first agent market analysis suggests a price around $79,900. The second agent’s market analysis suggest approximately $81,500. The third agent does not research any comparables but simply list the home at $91,500. Three months later the property sells for $76,900. The agent’s behavior suggests

A.Failure to disclose




61. a licensee must provide disclosure of licensed status when acting as a principal if

  1. Any relative of the licensee has ever lived in the residence

  2. The agent of the other party ask about this specifically

  3. The licensee does not have eros and omission insurance

  4. The licensee has any economic in the property

62.Which of the following is credited of the buyer of a property at closing in Illinois? price

B. Unused sellers insurance premium

C.earnest money

D. Property taxes paid in advance

63. Which of the following requires an illinois real estate broker license?

A.Collecting a commission to conduct a personal property auction

B. Earning a fee for referring a buyer

C. Buying easements as an employee of a utility company

D. Serving as resident manager of an apartment complex

64. under the illinois real estate license act of 2000 a designated agency

  1. May be expressed or implied

  2. Is limited to sellers

  3. Is not allowed

  4. Is limited to buyers

65. In illinois, which of the following must be included in a legal advertisement for a listed house?

A.Sponsoring broker’s name

B.Brokerage firms phone number

C.Address of the property

D.The property owner’s name

66. A couple visits an open house and fall in love with the floor plan and location. They tell the host would love to buy the house but do not know if they can afford it. In the conversation the broker learns that they are currently paying $1,750 per month for rent. Would the principal and interest payments be within the amount of their current if the price is $249,000 with interest rates for a zero down, 30 years mortgage at 5% interest? Be sure to use the information table.

  1. Only if they have 20% down payment

  2. Yes, the payment is within the range of their current rent amount

  3. C. No, payment is more than their current rent amount

  4. There is no enough information to determine the answer

66. An illinois real estate broker is permitted to?

  1. Explain legal points in a contract

  2. Deliver escrow money for a thor party

  3. Sell his personal home without disclosing license status

  4. Advertise a property without permission from the owner

67.An easement by necessity could be granted if?

A. A gas company could not access a new subdivision

B. A cable company could not repair phone lines

C. An owner could not access his property

D. A railroad company would need to reroute tracts

68.Which of the following would be permissible under federal fair housing laws?

A.Refusing to rent to a blind man because he has a seing-eye dog and pets are not allowed in the building

B.Refusing to rent a German couple because they do not seem able to speak and understand English

C. Refusing to rent a single mom because her kids are so noisy

D. Refusing to rent to a canadian man because his visa expired.

69. Which of the following phrases may legally be used in a rental advertisement

A.No pets, no exceptions

B.No children

C.Family home

D.Three bedrooms

70. At a listing appointment, the seller asks the broker not to disclose the prior termite treatment and repairs since they are now corrected. The broker MUST

A. go back to the office without pursuing the listing

B. insist that the seller disclose these tests of any potential purchaser

C. agree not to disclose these issues, as they longer affect the property

D. confirm the repairs were made, and the extent of those repairs , before agreeing

71.Which of the following would not qualify as a like-kind 1031 tax-deferred exchange?

a. an apartment building for an industrial building

b. a waterfront rental home for a mobile home park

c. a two family home for a small apartment building

d. an office building for a 20 year lease on a retail pad site

72. Harry purchases a residential lot for $87,500. He makes two deposits of $1000 each on the contract and the balance of the down payment at closing of $6750. He receives a 90% loan with a 3% origination fee. How much money will harry need to pay for the origination fee?


B. $2392.50

C. $2565.00


73. a licensee’s advertisement for a home is perfect for single mothers with two small children “which of the following does this advertisement violate?

A.The sherman anti trust act

B. THe civil right act of 1968

C.State law in a majority of state

D.The feral fair housing act

74.  After announcing that a new City Park will soon be developed, homes in the immediate are experience a rise in value. This is an example of which of the following principles of value?




D.Highest and best use

75. A buyer is getting a fully amortized loan for $220,000. The bank will give the buyer the loan for 15 years at 5 1/2% or for 30 years at 6 1/2%. To the nearest dollar, what is the difference between the monthly payments for these two loans?





76.The city wishes to purchase a parcel of property to be used as a cloverleaf for access to the nearby Interstate the landowner refuses to sell, to acquire tittle to the property the city will initiate a process of





77. a broker lists a property with a broker through an associate broker. which of the following would not terminate the agency relationship

A.The owner is declared mentally incompetent

B.The property is destroyed by fire

C.THe employing broker dies

D.The associate broker dies

78. A city has rules requiring that a 4 unit apartment building must be on a lot of at 15,000 square feet and provide a minimum of two off street parking spaces per unit. These rules are example of the right of:

a) police power

b) eminent domain

c) taxation

d) escheat

79.Which of the following is a violation of a property managers fiduciary obligations to an owner?

a) disclosing information about a property physical defects

b) providing booklets about lead based paint to tenants

c) hesitating to verify a tenants income

d) accepting a signed lease on the owners behalf

80. a licensee must provide disclosure of licensed status when acting as a principal if

A. Any relative of the licensee has ever lived in the residence

B.The agent of the other party asks about this specifically

C. The licensee does not have eros and omission insurance

D.The licensee has any economic interest in the property

81. Alpha realty’s policy manual states that it charges a 6% commision and it offers a 3% cooperative fee to any selling brokerage. A licensee from beta realty represents a buyer who purchased a property listed by Alpha for 450000 Beta paid the buyer’s licensee 55% how much was the buyer licensee paid?


B .7425



82. In a mortgage/trust deed form of loan the terms of payment and interest rate would be found on the


B.Loan application

C.Promissory note

D.Trust deed on mortgage

83.A buyers’s gross income is 90,000 per year. She pays 300 for a car loan and 200 for her student loan. When she applies for a mortgage the bank reuqires a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 36% on all debt, and a maximum 28% debt-to-income ratio for housinf debt. What is the maximum monthly house payment the bank will approve?

A 1600

B 2700

C 2100

D 2200

84.Mary knew that her marriage was on shaky ground when she bought a house in her own name. She was hoping to save the relationship, so she wrote a quitclaim deed conveying the property from herself to herself and her husband as joint tenants, NOT as tenants in common with full rights to survivorship. She told her husband she had done this, but the deed was NOT recorded. When Mary and her husband finally divorced, the deed disappeared. In a state, which is NOT a community property or curtesy state, does the ex have a claim to the property?

A.No, however, had the deed been recorded, it would have served constructive notice and such would be defensible

B.Yes, she told him it existed and the courts always accept oral argument when it relates to real property

C.As they were legally married at the time of the conveyance he automatically owns a one-half interest

D.As he did not sign the original conveyance as grantee, it was not a legal deed

85.Time is of the essence means

a. Time limit set forth in the contract must be carefully observed

b. Nothing

c. You must perform every act under the contract on the exact date

d. You must close as fast as you can

86.A mortgage and a mortgage note are both

A.Fully standardized instruments of conveyance

B.Forms of contracts


D.Debt-releasing documents

87.Two parcels of land priced at $2,100 per acre were purchased. One parcel was 5 acres in size, and the other was 1 square mile in size. How much should these two parcels have cost together?

A. $766,000

B. $914,760

C. $1,060,500


88.A salesperson has been trying to create a competitive market analysis (CMA) for a potential listing. The immediate neighborhood has many bank owned foreclosure properties, which seem to have depressed the prices showing up in public records and on the MLS system. In this case, the salesperson

A: Can seek similar properties from a neighborhood across town with fewer foreclosures to use as “comps”

B: Cannot use a CMA since it will not show true market value. The broker should ask the sellers what they want for their home and list at that price.

C: Should advise the sellers to rent their present home until the market improves. This way they can have an additional income to allow them to move up to a better home in a better neighborhood. The broker could then seek to sell the rented home to a house flipper as an investment.

D: Should seek any non-foreclosure “arm’s length” transactions for properties similar to her subject property in the same or nearby neighborhoods. Even if their prices have been depressed by the neighborhood conditions, these will represent the best guidance to the sellers on a likely selling price.

89.A mortgage may be classified as which type of lien

A.Involuntary and general

B.Voluntary and general

C. Voluntary and specific

D. Involuntary and specific

90.In illinois who should notify buyers about the role of a home inspector in a real estate transaction

A.The lender

B.THe sellers agent

C.The department

D.The Buyer’s agent

91.In a real estate transaction, two illinois licensees sponsored by the same brokerage from may disclose confidential information only to the

A.Other licensee

B.Other licensee and the managing broker

C.Managing Broker

D.Client and ther other licensee

92.a developer subdivider intends to divide a 20-acre parcel land into 20 residential lots by installing water, sewer and roadway to each lot. The illinois plat act requires

A,A recorded plat of the subdivision

No survey but legal and detailed plats

C.A record of conveyance and restriction of the subdivision

D.A metes and bounds legal description of each lot

93.a licensee agrees to represent a buyer who will pay a commision. The licensee find a buyer that is listed with another real estate company. In illinois which of the following statement about this situations is true

A.The licensee is now a dual agent

B.The licensee has violated Illinois real estate licensee law

C.The licensee is automatically entitled to a commission from both parties

D. the buyer is the client, regardless who pays a commission

94. Which claim for damages would be most likely to be covered by a home warranty program?

A. a special assessment for a sewer which was not disclosed

B. an error in the tax proration on the settlement statement

C. a furnace that breaks a few weeks after the buyer moves in

D. the fact that the property was the site of a paranormal event

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Our guarantees

Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore.
That’s why we have developed 5 beneficial guarantees that will make your experience with our service enjoyable, easy, and safe.

Money-back guarantee

You have to be 100% sure of the quality of your product to give a money-back guarantee. This describes us perfectly. Make sure that this guarantee is totally transparent.

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Zero-plagiarism guarantee

Each paper is composed from scratch, according to your instructions. It is then checked by our plagiarism-detection software. There is no gap where plagiarism could squeeze in.

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Free-revision policy

Thanks to our free revisions, there is no way for you to be unsatisfied. We will work on your paper until you are completely happy with the result.

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Privacy policy

Your email is safe, as we store it according to international data protection rules. Your bank details are secure, as we use only reliable payment systems.

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Fair-cooperation guarantee

By sending us your money, you buy the service we provide. Check out our terms and conditions if you prefer business talks to be laid out in official language.

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