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CLAIM: RACIST, INEQUAL in school (Specific to Yale school).
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Nguyen 1Hien NguyenEng A100Professor Pamela Gressier, 2020Race and Education AchievementEducation has always been a very important issue and a foundation for building a strongcountry or not. To date, a lot of machines have been put into education to help students improvetheir practical learning. Children also have more rights, more opportunities to go to school, andaccess to education. But in all these positives, racism and inequality in schools based on color arestill present not only in small schools but also in top schools in the world. Yale illegallydiscriminates based on race and national origin in its undergraduate admission process violatingTitle VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Acts. It represents inequality and racism in one of the mostprestigious universities in America.The use of race-based admission policy in universities has a long and controversialhistory. Race relations have been a salient issue in policy debate, especially in the educationsector since the American Republic’s formation. Racism is not merely negative attitudes ortreatment from person to person. Racial discrimination in American higher learning institutionsthreatens the core mission of high education and contributes to the inequality of income amongthe races. Yale University is one of those universities that have been proven to ​discriminateagainst some races during the college admissions process.​ Negative social attitudes, such asracism and discrimination, compromise the health of people who are mistreated. Although much

progress has been made over the years, racial discrimination in the education sector is still asignificant phenomenon affecting minority races in America.According to The United States Department of Justice, Yale University’s graduate studentadmission process discriminates against “Asian- American and White applicants.” After “twoyears of investigating” this Ivy League college, DOJ found that they decided to recruit hundredsof students per year based on race, as a violation of “Article VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”DOJ says Yale must agree not to use race or nationality as the criteria for admission in the future,and if it still wants to do so, the university must submit a confirmation plan when it will stop.Yale was seriously cooperating with the investigation and gave the bulk of the information anddata, but not all of it. Rachel Treisman and Elissa Nadworny clarified the racist Yale incident bygiving the data, “Asian American and white prospective students have 1/10 to one-fourth of thelikelihood of admission as African American with comparable academic credentials” (NPR).Upon analysis of admission date, the Federal investigators determined that it was less likely forAsian American and White applicants with similar academic qualifications to get admittancerelative to African Americans and Hispanics. There are several students of Asian origin who cantestify of the racism at Yale University especially during admission. However, these studentsfear speaking up because they will be feared, judged, and abused by people online. Thesestudents worked hard and attained the entry grade required to join the university but theirapplication did not go through.Race is used at multiple points in Yale’s admission process. Many Asian and Whitestudents get high marks with their full potential but are still rejected, but these high marks are notweighted as equally as other minorities. According to Amalia Halikias, the racism prevented herfrom selecting the box that she was Asian but checking the white one because “I didn’t want to

be written off as one of the 1.4 billion Asians that were applying” (Washington). According tothe analyzed data, only 10% to 25% of prospective white students and Asian Americans werelikely to be admitted. The data shows that race is used in the application process and in makingmajor admission decisions by Yale University. “Universities Asian American students’ SATscores had to be 140 points higher than white students 270 points higher than Hispanic studentsin 450 points higher than black students”, which is really unduly harmful. If the various variablesused in admission are not racially induced but disadvantage any race without any interventionfrom the Yale administration, racial discrimination would not be evident. The Department ofJustice made it clear to the universities that there was no nice form of race discrimination andunlawfully dividing Americans into racial sides fosters division and bitterness. Majorstakeholders in the education sector have tried to justify the fact that African-Americans aregranted more preference when it comes to college admission compared to Asian Americans andwhites. However, by admitting that this occurs then it clearly shows that there is discriminationbased on racism during college admission. The first sentence of “Taking a Reading” by SueAllison is, “A yard, a speed, a foot, a concept.” It is the different sizes and ranges that sheconstantly lists in her essays that are strange and interest the reader. Each passage begins withdifferent measurements: “A span, a palm, a hand, a nail, an ohm, a button, a bead.” The entireessay, she creates the message that these metrics are accurate, are used by different countries ofthe world, but they are different. The purpose of this essay is that no one can compare your lifeto them because everyone has a different way of measuring their worth. There will be manypeople who judge your life with theirs and say bad things, but few people understand differentpeople’s life metrics.

Diversity in college can be an epic goal, but perhaps only in theory. In fact, the numbersshow that Asian students are being discriminated against, especially at Ivy League schools.Additionally, prejudice against Asian students has increased since the onset of the COVID-19pandemic. Racial discrimination is not unique to Yale University as it is a problem across theUnited States, especially in the education system. Scholars claim that the claims of racism atYale University may have been politically inspired and not necessarily true. They stipulate thatmight be a tactic used by the current administration to pit minority groups against each other.Yale has a policy of compliance with the Federal law that requires that they adhere to Title VI.There are various structural inequalities in America that disadvantage the African Americans andHispanics, that these have not been adequately addressed means Yale is allowed to emulate itsrole model – the government. The American Educational Research Association has summarizedat the end of the article by giving a few teaching methods to help people have a better view andimprove the academic achievement of “racial and ethnic minority students” such as culturalexchanges between countries and supporting more positive engagement for students (AmericanEducational Research Association).In conclusion, racial discrimination in learning institutions has detrimental consequencesto society, including advancing social and economic inequality. Yale admission processdiscriminated based on race. Non-compliance to the requirement of Title VI of the Civil Rightsof 1964 has exposed Yale to legal risks. Yale should adopt a system whereby students would beadmitted based on their characters, talents, and achievements and not by their skin color. Weshould ask everyone to boycott if they do not amend the law and defend the rights and equalityof all students.

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